27th April 2020

The Future of Construction Launches

We have launched The Future of Construction – an initiative to shape the future of the construction sector. By bringing together members of the Pagabo ecosystem we can change the future and create the best tomorrow for the industry.

Our executive chairman Gerard Toplass launched the campaign at an online seminar, saying: “Realistically, the future of construction starts today, so the sooner we can begin collaborating for wider industry change, the sooner we will be reaping the benefits.

“Lots of challenges lie in societal shifts – whether this is changing attitudes towards mental health within the sector, practice changes to protect the environment or changes in political policies.”

One of the biggest drivers in everything we do at Pagabo is to do things better, by doing better things. But this is not just in relation to the work we do with our clients and ecosystem, but all work within the industry.

At the launch event, Gerard was joined by a number of expert speakers including John Connolly, managing director at C4DI, Rob Lewis, director at 54 Degrees North, and Lord Bob Kerslake, who has recently joined our board as non-executive chairman. The four each led a talk focussing on the future of construction, technology and how we can learn from other industries to get to where we need to be.

A number of polls were voted on and Q&A questions were put to our expert panel throughout the event. To view the results in full, click here.


Tomorrow’s workforce

The workforce of tomorrow will want – and expect – things such as technology-driven practices and improved work life balance. This means that it has never been more crucial to ensure that construction is seen not just as a job, but an enticing career option, which is why as part of our ongoing work we will be carrying out research and work into fuelling skills and training.

Gerard continued: “We must ensure that the skills gap we are currently facing doesn’t widen, and that training is fit for the new practices that digital transformation will bring. We are looking forward to working with our collaborators across the industry to identify and develop new training programmes, as well as ensuring that the existing workforce is able to upskill and reskill where appropriate.”

Our new non-executive chairman Lord Bob Kerslake spoke on the day about the key pressures on the sector, saying: “The construction industry was already facing a number of challenges before the COVID-19 pandemic came about, and these challenges will remain when the pandemic is over. What we do about issues such as sustainability as well as skills and training will shape what the industry will look like in the coming decades.

“The current pandemic has simply enhanced the need to focus on these long-term issues, so it is critical that we must not lose sight of them or miss the opportunity to drive for change.”

There are big things to come, and we are welcoming any and all organisations in the construction sector to join us and play a part in building a better tomorrow for us all.