Skills, the Future Worker and the Future Workplace
26th January 2021

TFoC Training: Construction should be a life of careers, not just a career for life.

When we sat down and thought about the future, we realised that there would be one constant in the construction industry, despite all the innovation and progression of technology, there will always be people. So where better a place to start!

The future worker is currently not at work, they are in school (or actually not at the moment as the case may be), we need to prepare the workplace for them. We all talk about Millennials and Generation Z and how different they are for a simple reason. They are! They want to work in different ways, they have different priorities and different ideas. Dwindling numbers of young people wanting to get into the construction industry would suggest that they are not wanting to work like we do at the moment, therefore we must prepare a more inviting workplace for them so that they can join our industry and hopefully realise what a fantastic and rewarding place it can be to work.

With that in mind we have created, with the assistance of ProQual and numerous industry leads that have joined us in our roundtable discussions, five brand new OfQual accredited qualifications, which will identify future ways of working and develop soft skills for all those that undertake the qualification. The qualifications are designed for all levels from graduate to director and have been developed by the industry, for the industry.

What about those who haven’t started work yet? We are on it, we are developing more qualifications for schools and colleges having already had interest in them. With this in mind, we can hopefully attract the best talent into the industry and provide a workplace they not only want to stay in, but thrive in.

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