Skills & Learning
20th August 2020

Skills, Learning & the future worker + workplace making great progress

The first ever Future of Construction theme, skills, learning and the future worker + workplace, is continuing to be a great success. We have made huge strides towards shaping the future of education and qualifications for the construction sector.

Following a successful launch session, our roundtable group has worked hard on creating qualifications and are looking to become OfQual accredited later this year. We’ll also be looking for new people to help test our thinking shortly so keep an eye out and get involved.


Where we started

It was interesting to see from our lunch session that 28 people out of 43 decided that the construction industry was not well equipped with the relevant skills to be able to tackle the future.


Progression – Roundtable events

Since the launch in mid-April, we have kept the initiative in motion and have hosted six roundtable sessions. This initial finding made it clear that something had to be done in order to create qualifications that were fit for purpose and can drive the industry forwards.


The Findings

We are looking to create a set of new qualifications to develop learning of current workers and also bring new talent into the construction industry. There will be five levels to the qualifications from beginner upwards.

As well as developing the skills of the existing workforce, it is important for young people to understand that there is much more to construction than just laying bricks. These qualifications need to entice people to take up a career path in construction and create a career for life.

With awarding body ProQual on side and part of the discussion we have been able to drive forward the ideas we have for creating new qualifications. We are looking to have the qualifications drafted by the end of September and once approved we are hoping to put 18 members through the qualifications by the end of the year.


We need you

We will be looking for people to help in testing our thinking surrounding these qualifications in the near future so keep your eye on our future newsletters if you want to play a part.

You can sign up on the future of construction homepage.