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Do things better so we can do better things

We can't change the past. We can barely change the present. But we can change the future.
Doing things better
  • Efficiency
  • Optimisation
  • Cost-reduction
  • Time-reduction
Doing better things
  • Social responsiblity
  • Climate change
  • Occupational health
  • Reconsider how and why we build

Today's challenges


What are we doing?

Moodbeam One is the world's first wearable device focused on capturing and making sense of mood through the push of a button. It's easy to use and charge. The main goal? To get a better understanding of how we feel to help us to lead happier lives. Alongside Moodbeam and other partners, we at Pagabo want to make a real impact across the construction sector and change the way we treat mental health.

Incubator is our initiative which invests in and guides SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs, enabling them to grow. Through the Incubator, we will be setting up an investment arm which will look to make early stage investments in start-ups or young companies in the construction sector who have a bias towards the use of technology. We want to promote innovation and lead the way in shaping the future role of technology in the construction sector.

Pagabo isn’t just building an app - My Pagabo will become a new way of working. A change to traditional methods and technologies that we use in construction now. My Pagabo will be a gamechanger for the procurement industry through streamlined and simple processes, and instant access to the very latest project information. It will become the first stop for using our frameworks.

Who's involved?

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We have created a forward thinking group to collaboratively develop the future of construction. Let us know you want to play a part in the future and be informed of all our future events.

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